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The World's First 360 & 3D Camera

Meet QooCam, a unique 3-Lens camera that embodies signature features of 360 & 3D 180 technologies in one. With the cutting-edge depth map, cinematic stabalization, and an intuitive editing tool, QooCam empowers you to film like a pro.

3D VR 180


120 FPS &

Slow -Motion

2D VR 360




4K Video

Live Streaming

App Editor


to the [future of Imaging]

2D VR 360

One click to capture everything

More than just 3D, but a way to reshape how you see the world

3D VR 180

Check out how you can use your QooCam

Amazing Images and Stabilization

Everyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Equipped with 3 High Quality Fisheye lenses and built-in stabalization sensor, QooCam not only can record 4K 360 Videos / Photos, but also create 3D 180 experience at the same time, allowing you to take it to every adventure, keeping shots stable and detailed.

Depth-based Technology

Based on stereoscopic view, QooCam can generate the corresponding depth map of a scene, bringing the cutting-edge feature of high-end camera to everyone's hand.

Re[focus] for Everything

After taking pictures, tap on wherever you want to focus on, you will be able to always get the best in-focus shots, enhancing the subject in focus, while at the same time giving the picture a fine background.

Real-Time LIVE 360 Streaming

QooCam users can livestream events with [different] 4K Video Settings, whether its a 360-degree panoramic with no dead ends or 180-degree with a 3D sense of space. With QooCam, Livestreaming has never been so exciting, you can later playback the videos and feel as if you are there to Relieve the Moment.

Durable with Elegance

QooCam is made from durable yet elegant full metal, employing fine craftsmanship and innovative design, to make it look professional as its shots. Take it to anywhere, it is ready to record your amazing journey for longer time than expected from its size.

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