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Obsidian S&R are Professional VR Cameras, which produce high quality

3D 360 Photos and Videos. The Obsidian S has a super high frame rate of 120fps with 4K resolution, which is suitable for recording fast moving scenes. It can also shoot 6K 50FPS 360 degree 3D Videos. While the video quality of Obsidian R is up to 8K High Resolution with 30 frames per second and is capable of 8K 3D live streaming. These virtual reality camerasalso come with a high quality real time virtual reality post-production solution. The Kandaostudio, a 360 stitching software, can automatically generate 360 VR Photos and Videos shot by Kandao 360 Degree Cameras. So you can enjoy 360 Images and 3D content with Virtualreality Headsets.

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